Google will sponsor our research on hardware-based memory safety via an ASPIRE Award.
NSF will fund our research on optimizing fuzzing for vulnerability coverage.
Two papers, FICS (finding bugs using your own code) and PTAuth (points-to authentication for temporal safety), are accepted by USENIX Security'21.
Our DICE paper, on DMA-enabled embedded firmware analysis, is accepted by S&P/Oakland'21.
I’m awarded (early) tenure at Northeastern. I couldn’t have done it without my students, collaborators, and family. Thank you all!
Our MEUZZ paper is accepted by RAID 2020.
Our OAT paper, on operation integrity attestation, is accepted by S&P/Oakland'20.
Google will sponsor our research on mobile security via an ASPIRE Award.
Our P2IM paper, on scalable and hardware-independent firmware testing, is accepted by USENIX Security 2020.
Our paper on detecting insecure cross-device authentication is accepted by ACSAC'19.